sensitive & breakout prone

Question: Hello Dermstore Team, I'm in my forties and my skin has never been so sensitive -- everything makes me break out! I'm dry in the winter and oily in the summer and breaking out all year round. My T zone is congested by I also have hormonal breakouts along my jaw/neck and near my ears. HELP! What do you recommend? I never know if I should be trying products for sensitive skin only, or mixing in exfoliators (which always feel too strong and my skin reacts with more breakouts) and stronger things to encourage cell turnover. I've stayed away from anti-aging products for fear they'd be too heavy for my skin. And forget about sunblock -- I can't find one that doesn't make my breakouts worse. Any suggestions? Best, Sarah

Thank you for reaching out to me. I would recommend the brand Eminence their Clear Skin Starter Set this kit will be great way for you to get introduced to the brand . The Willow Bark Booster Serum that is in this kit , I would start out slow 1-2x a week and see how your skin reacts to possibly use more often. To this kit I would add theirStone Crop Hydrating Mist after you have cleansed . All of these products are designed to benefit your skin type . CyyndeeDermstore EstheticianDermstore Esthetician