skin care products

Question: I tend to be kind of lazy with my skin care routine, like i wash my makeup off at night and in the morning i was my face with a washcloth and hot water. Every now and then I'll put just regular hand lotion on my face at night after I wash my makeup off. I don't have many skin issues. I tend to get under the skin bumps every few months. I'd like to do better about my skin care routine but every time I try to use multiple products it seems like I break out more. What kind of routine should I be following? What kind of products would you recommend? Additional context: I'm 27.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend the Eminence Brand . Their Stone Crop Collection Tube. This is a nice basic kit for you to start with and from there you can purchase in the larger sizes. This kit will help with all your skin care needs.Hoppe this helps, have a nice day !