skin care routine

Question: Hello, I am looking for recommendations for skin care. I am 28 years old and I have been struggling with acne for a while. I have noticed also that now that I am older, the acne has been leaving some dark spots on my face and little scars. I would also like to start treating for age prevention. Could you please suggest a whole routine of everything I should need? Currently, I use Clinique acne treatment but I am willing to try a mix of everything as I have unfortunately have found it not to be as effective as when I was a teenager. thank you, Jessica

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend the brand Eminence. Their Clear Skin Starter Set would be a great way for you to get introduced to the brand . I would add their Red Currant Mattifying Mist to apply after cleansing . TheirBright Skin Licorice Root Exfoliating Peel would be a nice treatment to help with your discoloration . I would use this product periodically 1-2 x a week.All of these products are designed to help with your skincare concerns.I hhope this helps, have a nice day! Cyndee, Dermstore Esthetician