Skin care routine

Question: I’m 39, fair with freckles. Looking for a good skincare routine. Concerns: hormonal acne, larger pores around nose, dry skin and fine lines. Looking for cleanser, possible toner, lotion, serum(s) and a mask. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend the PCA brand, Step 1) BPO 5 Percent Cleanser / I would interchange with the Facial Wash/ I would recommend their Daily Exfoliant once-twice a week Step 2) Total Strength Serum ,Step 3)Clearskin as your moisturizer. For your eye area I would recomend their EyeXcellenceFor your PM regimen Cleanse and Tone, apply theirIntensive Clarity Treatment 0.5 % Pure Retionol Night and follow with your moisturizer. Your mask I would recommend their Hydrate Mask for added hydration once or twice a week. I would recommend their Acne Cream as a spot treatment on your break outs.Hope this helps,have a nice day! .