SkinMedica regimen

Question: I just purchased the SkinMedica Recovery Line and I'm unsure of the order to apply. Vitamin C and TNS in the morning... which first? Retinol and TNS in the evening... which first? Also, I use a Clindamycin ointment twice a day and would like to know which step to apply this as well. Also, in your opinion is the Vitamin C Complex from Pevonia compatible with these products? Thank you, April

You can actually use the vitamin C treatment and TNS in which ever order you wish, applying one before or after the other won’t affect the results of either product. At night I recommend applying the retinol first, waiting a few minutes and then following with the TNS. As far as the clindamycin ointment you should check with your dermatologist however I would recommending applying first before other treatments but after cleansing and toning. The vitamin C used in SkinMedica and Pevonia Botanica are different forms so I wouldn’t say that are completely comparable. The SkinMedica product utilizes a time-released delivery system with their vitamin C while Pevonia Botanica does not. Both sell extremely well and have great customer reviews.

Meagan, Esthetician