Small bumps on face

Question: Hi! I had a question about a skin problem I have been dealing with recently. I have a lot of little small bumps on my skin, a lot of texture. A lot of the small bumps I can either squeeze out some dried pus or they can be scratched off as a whole. When I put make up over my skin, it appears pretty bumpy all over. I feel like my moisture barrier might also be broken. How can I help with these small little bumps?

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend that you consult with an Esthetican at a reputable Spa and receive a nice deep cleansing facial. In this way she/he can really analize your skin to see what is going on and put you in the right direction as to what you should do to help with this skin concern.

I hope this helps, have a nice day !


Dermstore Esthetician