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Smoking Marijuana While Using Accutane

Writer and expert13 years ago
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Q Is it bad for you to smoke marijuana while using accutane? I'm not looking for pot is illegal and bad for you answer. I just want to know if pot while on accutane has any added health risks then if I was smoking without being on accutane?

There is some controversy surrounding this question. To start there have been studies done on marijuana that indicate that the use of this can induce nervousness, panics, anxiety, etc. On the other hand there are studies that indicate that it actually assists in reducing these symptoms. To be honest I do not know which is the correct answer here. Pro-cannabis organizations are going to publish these studies that say that it is good for the body and/or health. Organizations against the use of marijuana are going to say it is bad for the body and/or health. Those against the use of medical marijuana state that smoking marijuana while also taking Accutane may increase the likelihood of depression, mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks etc. Those for the use of medical marijuana are arguing that smoking while taking Accutane is going to relieve those symptoms.

Bottom line is you have to personally make the choice as to whether you want to combine the use of these two drugs. I hope this is helpful.

Meagan, Esthetician

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