soft pimple like bump that won’t go away

Question: I am an 19 year old male who is no stranger to acne. Every time I get a pimple, I usually wait until it is ready to pop. Once it is ready I go ahead and pop it. A few days later the pimple goes away. Well now I have a problem. About 2 weeks ago a bump formed near my right eye (the area next to my nose) I thought it was just a pimple so i waited until it was ready to pop. The problem was that it never formed a whitehead so it was unable to pop. Everyday I squeezed it but it wouldn't pop. One day I managed to pop it just a little but the white stuff didn't come out like normal pimples have, only clear fluid came out. After that day, the bump went down a bit. I thought it was healing and was going away but I still have it. Also went I touch it, it seems to get irritated and it gets big once again. I feel like it's never going to go away. It's been there for so long. I still cant pop. I feel like it's too soft to pop. I don't know if it's a pimple or what. I hope I provided enough information. Please help me get rid of it. It's really starting to effect my confidence and my mood everyday. I'll try to explain it again: It's like a blister-like bump that is soft and has no whitehead. Thank you for your time.

First things first, you should refrain from popping or squeezing pimples – this can cause scarring which is much more permanent than acne. It sounds like this bump could be a milia lesion, however without a visual it is difficult to say. Your best option for treatment is to make an appointment with a dermatologist in your local area so that they may have a visual, properly diagnose and then treat accordingly.

Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician

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