Sunscreen for Dark Skinned Black Woman With Sensitive Skin

Question: What sunscreen(s) are good for black people with sensitive skin that won't be ashy, greasy, or irritate my skin? Some sunscreens have broken me out or made my face feel a bit itchy. Chemical sunscreens usually irritate my skin, but I've seen some people like some that are a mix of mineral and chemical. A slight glow is fine, but not oily. Thanks!

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend the brand MDSolarsciences, their Mineral Creme SPF 50 Broad Spectrum UVA-UVB . The brand Supergoop would work well for you as well. TheirUnseen Sunscreen SPF 40 , either one of these sunscreens would be great for your skin type. I hope this works, have a nice day! Cyndee, Dermstore Esthetician