Switching from Obagi to Dermalogica

Question: Hi, Meagan. I've been on Obagi for 24 weeks now to treat my acne and scars. I saw great results after 18 weeks (skin started clearing up with very minimal dryness). However, lately, I've been breaking out quite a bit around my chin, mouth, and cheeks and also been experiencing dryness in those areas. I'm wondering if maybe I should switch to a different skin care line. After checking out this website, I was considering Cosmedix or Dermalogica (Medibac kit or normal/dry kit). Do you have any recommendations? Is the Dermalogica line not going to be aggressive enough for my skin since I've been on Obagi? Honestly, I feel as if my skin needs a break from such an aggressive regimen like Obagi's. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Both the Dermalogica and CosMedix lines are great and would be beneficial for your skin. The Dermalogica line is not going to be very aggressive, unless you choose to go with the MediBac kit. CosMedix would be a more aggressive regimen, but not as aggressive as the Obagi regime you are currently using. Id you feel like you do need a break then either would be suitable, but it just depends on how much you want to continue doing for your skin. If you would like assistance with a regimen from CosMedix please feel free to contact me.

Meagan, Esthetician