Tan won’t go away?

Question: Dear Dr. 5 years ago I went on a vacation. The weather there was really hot and eventually I got a tan. My arms, face, and legs are very tan that looks like a medium tan, but my chest and stomach have a fair creamy looking color. It's been awhile since the vacation, yet I still have my tan. It bothers me that my skin has two different colors, with one natural and the other one not natural. Is there any way I can lighten my skin or turn it to its NATURAL skin color again? But, I do not want to do anything drastic since I'm still very young.

Unfortunately your options are limited. You can avoid the sun and protect yourself using SPF on the areas you would like to lighten or you can use a sunless tanning product on the lighter areas to even out your coloring. Please contact me with further questions.

Meagan, Esthetician