The correct way using toning essence and toning lotion.

Question: Hi, I've dry and sensitive skin condition which is for the skincare line products brands im using by dermatologist brands made where's the condition products line is hard to find ‘Toner’ which ‘Toning essence or Toning lotion matched a lot use together. Currently i have two type of it which is i alternate for day and night regimen routine. My question is, what actual recommended method that should i using the ‘Toning essence’ and ‘Toning Lotion’ with either pour it over the cotton pad and swipes on face or pour few drops into hand then use fingers and dapping on face till it fully absorbs into the skin.. Thankyouu

Thank you for reaching out to us. In answer to your question, I like a cotton pad with my toner , it seems to help get rid of excess debris that your cleanser did not remove. With your essence either way is perfectly fine. As long as you feel it is absorbing in your skin.

I hope this helps , have a nice day !


Dermstore Esthetician