Warm scalp, senstitive scalp, hair loss

Question: I'm 34 my hair has been thinning out for a few years now. I have a sensitive scalp, and the its at the top of my head is where I'm loosing it. Also where i am loosing it, my scalp stays pretty warmer than the rest of my head. I've been tested for thyroid and they say its borderline but in the normal range. please help. i don't want to loose anymore.. the doctor just blew off my urgency. tried to blame it on blood pressure but i don't have high blood pressure. I am a diabetic, but my mother is on too and she has a full head of hair, my two sisters hair is so thick yet mine is thin and embarrassing. thank you for your time.

Information actually states that diabetes can effect hair growth or contribute to hair loss. Although your mother and sisters do not experience hair loss, it is possible for you to. Those with diabetes are more susceptible to suffer from skin problems, such as bacterial or fungal issues, that can lead to hair loss or thinning. I feel that this is the most likely reason for you to experience hair loss. I suggest you consider DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC Hair Loss Treatment or Jan Marini Age Intervention Hair Revitalizing Conditioner. Keep in mind that results from these products may take an extended period of time, this is normal. Please contact me with any further questions. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician