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What is the best treatment for chicken pox scars?

Writer and expert13 years ago
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Q What is the best treatment for chicken pox scars? Hello, I'm looking around on the web and don't know which procedure is the most effective for chicken pox scarring. I came across Bellafill for a semi-permanent procedure but it apparently boosts collagen so would that make it a permanent solution by the end of it? Subcision is another option I came across. I don't know if this is too intrusive for what I have, however. The last option I've heard is micro-needling. If I keep micro-needling my skin each month, will it be enough to remove the scaring/dent? Please help me!

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would suggest that if you are interested in going with the micro-needling that you have a consult with a Professional who has a good reputation as well as good reviews. Have them analyse your skin to see if you would be a good candidate for this procedure. Scarring is difficult to remove so for me to tell you that whatever procedure that you have preformed and the time frame that would really depend on who you make an appointment with to better answer your questions and for you to feel confident with your answers.

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