White Spots on Skin With Red Dots in the Middle

Question: I've noticed these white spots all over my arms about the size of a dime with a tiny red dot in the middle. they look like they're bleeding,but they're not..I'm very fair skinned and pale. I haven't been tanning in awhile. (since last summer)..These spots do not itch or irritate me at all. I have no idea what they are? should I see a doctor? I get cold really skin turns purple also. If that helps.. My family has a big history of skin cancer in it. Thanks for your time.

Unfortunately issues or concerns such as this cannot be diagnosed via the Internet. It sounds as if these lesions may be keratosis pilaris, but unfortunately I cannot actually determine that. I suggest you seek consultation from a physician in your local area for a proper diagnosis and treatment options.Best skin care wishes.Meagan, Esthetician