The New Masks: 8 Next-Gen Face Masks That Will Up Your Beauty Game

BY Janeca Racho · May 8, 2017

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We get it. Not everyone is tripping over themselves to hop on the latest beauty trend. But take it from us, ladies. If there’s one craze you wouldn’t regret obsessing about, it’s face masks. They’re quick, easy, and, if done the right way, give you glorious-looking skin without having to book another facial session.

“Face masks work to hydrate your skin mainly by occlusion,” says dermatology resident Dr. Joyce Park, author of the health and beauty blog Tea with MD. “By applying a mask pre-soaked with serum onto your face, you are allowing for more penetration into the skin.”

“Masks are the heart of the facial treatment. They help to correct and repair a particular skin condition,” adds Shelley Birnbaum, master esthetician and owner of Renew Botanicals. “Aside from absorbing dirt and impurities from the skin, other benefits include hydration, balancing oil production, firming and tightening of skin, improving texture and clarity, increasing circulation and detoxifying.”

Now embraced by legions of women (and men!) everywhere, a quick scan of beauty aisles will tell you that today’s face masks have definitely evolved. Started by the no-frills sheet masks we excitedly put on and took hundreds of bathroom selfies with, a new generation of more sophisticated face masks has come to the fore, fusing breakthrough technology with innovative formulas to deliver the best results yet. How innovative? Think giving yourself a facial using charcoal, magnets and even rubber!

Curious? Read below to discover the skin-loving wonders of this new breed of face masks!

1. Magnetic Masks: Dr. Brandt MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier™ Skin Recharging Magnet Mask

Here’s what we all know about magnets: opposite poles attract. Now here’s what we never thought magnets could do: reduce signs of aging by cleansing, smoothening and rejuvenating your skin. Harnessing the power of attraction, this face mask draws out deep-seated dirt and tightens and purifies skin after each use—all thanks to its magnetically charged, iron-based formula.

2. Hot Masks: Eminence Organics Eight Greens Phyto Masque - HOT

If you like the premise behind the hot stone massage (or placing a warm face towel on your face after a long flight), you’ll love this hot mask from Eminence Organics. Formulated with whole plants and seed extracts that are rich in phytoestrogens and antioxidants, this calming facial mask hydrates and improves skin’s elasticity, reduces breakouts and signs of aging, soothes inflammation and helps balance oil production. Great for dull, mature and oily skin.

3. Point Masks: ChinUp Mask

Point masks are designed to target a specific area of concern, like under-eye bags, lip lines, frown lines, laugh lines, or in this case, your jawline. Think of this mask as a corset for your face. Packed with its patented SkintronicsTM Serum, Corum 9235, Q10 and vitamin E, this face mask firms and contours the jawline and promotes loss of chin fat while boosting cell regeneration and protecting your skin from free radicals. Simply apply the mask under your chin, keep it in place with the slimming band and then remove it after a few minutes. Want to know how well this works? Here’s what happened when we tried the ChinUp Mask ourselves.

4. Hydrogel Masks: Erno Laszlo Firmarite Hydrogel Mask

This no-slip face mask takes an innovative approach to sheet masks with its gel formulation that allows for better absorption of concentrated botanical extracts and oils. It plumps, lifts, firms and detoxifies your skin, leaving it with a youthful and radiant glow.

5. Body Masks: Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit

Wrinkles on your décolletage? There’s a mask for that too! Enriched with 100% medical-grade silicone, this reusable chest pad reduces the appearance of chest wrinkles and helps treat stretch marks and scarring. It works while you sleep, so you’ll wake up with smoother-looking skin!

6. Rubber Masks: Dennis Gross Skincare Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask

This rubberized, peel-off mask works best for those with dry or inflamed skin and features powerful hydrators hyaluronic acid and glycerin. With its unique gel formulation that turns solid to help seal in moisture, this face mask cools, plumps and deeply hydrates your skin, leaving it dewy, smooth and more radiant.

More Mask Innovations

At-Home Mask Maker: ORA Maskerade DUET Facial Steamer and Organic Mask Maker

This patented device takes at-home facials to a whole new level by letting you create your own organic gel masks using any ingredient you want (think fruits, vegetables and plants—the possibilities are endless!). It comes with 24 Bioactive Collagen Peptide tablets that transform ingredients into gel masks, making them last longer and allowing for better absorption of key ingredients. It’s easy to use, lightweight and gives you the most bang for your buck!

Mask Applicator and Face Massager Tool: Peter Thomas Roth MaskTasker

Technically, this isn’t a face mask, but this all-in-one applicator, massager and remover will transform your multimasking experience! Designed to work with any of your favorite masks, adding this device to your beauty arsenal is a must.

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