Self-Care Tips for Men: What My Father Taught Me About Skin Care and More

BY Rene Cervino · May 25, 2017

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Typically, when men think about beauty and skin care, our minds picture women buying expensive cleansers, creams and serums to delay aging in the hopes of being #ForeverYoung. In my family, this is only partially true: While my mom is the avid beauty fanatic, my dad has the most organized and detailed bathroom routine in the family. He was the one who introduced me and my brothers to skin care. Here are some things my dad taught me about men’s skin care and other personal care practices.

1. Shave before cleansing.

In the world of shaving, there is a big debate over whether you should cleanse before or after shaving. I’ve discovered that it comes down to personal preferences. In my experience, cleansing after shaving helps me minimize my pores and condition my skin after passing a sharp object over it. Whether you cleanse before or after shaving, always make sure your shaving utensils are clean and follow your shave with the right after-shave moisturizer for your skin.

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2. When shampooing, flip your head upside down and massage your scalp.

I’ve often shared this tip with my friends and have definitely gotten looks of disbelief. But think about it: it has been proven that one of the reasons for hair loss is a lack of blood flow, mainly because we spent most of our time on our feet. By bending your head down and massaging your scalp, you are shifting the blood flow and stimulating your scalp. When paired with a protein or hair-stimulating shampoo, you’ll have better chance of promoting healthy hair growth.

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3. Change scents with the season.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your cologne oddly changes its scent in the middle of the year? Just as our skin changes with the weather, the pH in it changes as well, causing your cologne to shift scent notes and smell different. Guys will often use the same cologne all year, but not my dad, he has a different cologne for every season of the year, and usually he would wear fresher scents for the spring and summer and change to muskier or sweeter scents in the fall and winter.

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4. Give your feet and hands some love.

Mani-pedis are not just a woman’s thing, especially if you work with your hands or are on your feet all day. My dad would get one at least once a month and I remember him looking so happy and relaxed after. I dare you to get one and see if you don’t come back every week. Now, if you prefer to take care of your own feet and hands, start by washing and exfoliating your feet and hands often and don’t forget to use a hand cream or oil after. Trust me, you’ll never be the same after using one.

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5. Eye Cream, Please!

It is often that our eyes get neglected first. We don’t think about the skin around them as being different than the rest of our face, but the truth is that the skin around our eyes is thinner and therefore the first area to show signs of age. It was my dad who first taught me about using an eye cream and how to apply it.

When choosing your first eye cream, don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more. Eye creams tend to last longer since they cover a smaller portion of your face. But trust me when I say a small difference in your eye area could have a big effect on the rest of your face.

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6. Wash, Floss, Brush, Rinse…Repeat

Oral care is one of the most important rituals for my dad. He’s particular about everything, from having the right kind of toothbrush to the flavor of his toothpaste to the thickness of his floss. Even his method is precise: 1) mouth wash (30 seconds); 2) floss (once a day); 3) brush (2 minutes, 30 seconds on each quadrant of the mouth); 4) rinse (once). No matter how busy life gets, he’ll go through this process three times a day (except for flossing, which he only does once a day).

You might be as religious as my dad with your oral care (or a little more flexible, like most of us), but whatever you do, pay close attention to your toothbrush and your toothpaste. Your regimen is only as good as the tools you use for it.

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7. The Outside Is a Reflection of the Inside

While he’s always stressed the importance of taking care of my appearance, my dad also made sure I understood the importance of what’s inside. He told me to always follow my heart and find happiness in the everyday details, because how I look on the outside is a reflection of how I feel inside. Today as I go through my day, I make sure to look for those moments of happiness, even in the most difficult times, and try to stay beautiful both inside and out.

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