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CosMedix offers a unique advantage to your skin care regimen: Chiral Correction. Molecules, the building blocks of nature, come in two forms: left-oriented and right oriented. By using the same percentage of each (Chiral Correction), CosMedix offers highly efficacious products. Leftover molecules act as free radicals, which means many products claiming to be antioxidants are causing as much harm as good.

CosMedix's Chirally Correct products give your skin the nourishing benefits it needs with none of the harmful side effects. CosMedix makes products for a variety of skin types and conditions, meaning no matter what your skin concerns, you can benefit from CosMedix. Receive true antioxidant protection and natural nourishment through CosMedix Chirally Correct skin care. Looking for mineral makeup to follow your CosMedix skin care regimen? Check out PÜR.