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Fungal Free Nails

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Nationally recognized podiatrist Dr. Marc Selner has received many accolades for his inventions and work with sports medicine. Working in podiatry for over 20 years has allowed him to gain extensive information on the many problems that ail the foot. Knowing that there wasn't an effecitve topical treatment for onychomycosis, a fungal infection of the nail that results in thick, yellow or cloudy nails, he and co-inventor Dr. Bert Rosenthal worked together to create Fungal Free Nails. The Fungal Free Nails brand revolves around one amazing product, Fungal Free Nails. Dr. Marc Selner wanted to develop an easy-to-apply product that penetrates the nail without any side effects.

The core of this product lies in the 12 fungicidal essential oils and a patented carrier system to treat onychomycosis. These powerful ingredients are naturally occurring and non-toxic, allowing the treatment to saturate underneath the nail, unlike other water-soluble treatments. Dr. Selner and Dr. Rosenthal have successfully created the first ever topical cure for onychomycosis and continue to receive much praise for its success rate.

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