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Lancer Skincare

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Dermatologist to the stars with an innovative approach to anti-aging skin care, Dr. Harold Lancer delivers the same, life-changing system to the comfort of your home. The man behind the renowned Lancer Glow overcame physical adversity at the age of seven, having suffered severe burns over 10% of his body from a vat of boiling water. Recovery was painful and tedious, but as Lancer overcame the ordeal, he was inspired to reveal the source in achieving beautiful skin.

Lancer's success is modeled from his tireless work ethic, integrity, approach and, of course, results. As one of the most sought-after dermatology professionals in the world, Lancer and his dedicated staff pour every effort into the products they produce. Their individualized treatments serve as many as 50 to 60 patients every day from all across the globe.

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