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LashFOOD's broad slate of eyelash and eyebrow enchancers seamlessly incorporate into your regimen with minimal effort and optimal ease. With each product made to condition, moisturize and nourish, LashFOOD's thoughtfully crafted treatments are clinically proven to enhance the appearance of lash and brows, helping them look longer, thicker and stronger.

Designed to work throughout the day, each treatment immerses lashes and brows in a unique, rejuvenating cocktail of nature's most powerful ingredients. Once an insider secret offered only in spas and dermatology offices, LashFOOD's revolutionary Phyto-Medic complex can no longer be kept under wraps. Offering an innovative, proprietary blend of organic and natural ingredients, LashFOOD became the world's first and only Ecocert certified lash- and brow-enhancing product. Understanding that the emergence of lash and brow-enhancing products was not merely a passing trend, eyelash extension experts Jane and Faith Kim began a personal quest to develop a powerful line of enhancers without synthetic formulations.

Thoroughly studying the existing scope of the lash and brow treatments, the mother-daughter Kim team developed a gentler, natural alternative. After conducting years of clinical research and countless experiments, the founders unearthed the potent benefits of the Phyto-Medic complex, a powerful blend of herbal extracts and other pure ingredients. Thus, LashFOOD was born.