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René Furterer

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Prestigious Parisian hair stylist René Furterer first developed his line of hair care products after years of studying not only the physiology of the hair and scalp, but plants and essential oils as well. René Furterer joined these two schools of study and created a highly popular hair care line, which was sold to Laboratories Pierre Fabre in 1980. Together, they continued to develop the René Furterer brand, utilizing the latest scientific breakthroughs while still staying true to Rene's original holistic approach.

Just as a plant needs fertile soil to grow, healthy hair is dependent upon a healthy scalp. Utilizing a unique methodology in hair care, René Furterer strengthens the hair and scalp alike, helping to manage the scalp's oil production to protect and nourish the hair. Using only the highest quality botanicals and exceptionally well designed formulations, the René Furterer line truly revitalizes the hair and scalp for improved beauty, health and strength.

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