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On average, you spend a third of your day in bed. Over the span of 60 years, that would amount to roughly 20 years of your life. Rest comfortably on the lap of luxury with sumptuously soft silk pillowcases. Slip is dedicated to making every night's sleep a lavish beauty experience. As you rest your face and head on a pillow, the fabrication of pillowcases may leave visible impressions on your skin. This may lead to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, skin irritation and even thinning hair.

Slip's line of specially commissioned silk pillowcases ensure that you awake looking radiant from a restful nights sleep. Slip was the first to offer silk pillowcases as a beauty product. The idea first came into fruition when founder Fiona Stewart was working for 20th Century Fox Films. During that time, Stewart was prescribed an acne medication that caused skin sensitivity and hair thinning. After her dermatologist recommended using a silk pillowcase, Stewart found the results entirely life changing.

A lack of silk pillowcases inspired Stewart and her husband to make these miracle makers accessible to all those who may seek it. After thoroughly researching the benefits of different silk fabrications and manufacturers, Slip entered the Australian market and soon became a household name. Slip strikes the perfect balance of shine, thickness, softness and durability to reward you with the ultimate beauty sleep.