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VI Derm

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In 2005, Dr. Abdala F. Kalil and team founded VI Aesthetics with the mission to restore and renew their customers' confidence in their own skin health with a line of solutions that address anti-aging, hyperpigmentation and acne concerns. The result was VI Derm, a paraben- and cruelty-free skin care brand dedicated to scientific innovation, the highest quality ingredients and natural beauty.What makes VI Derm different from other clinical brands is that its origins are in real-life skin care needs.

When Dr. Kalil's teenage daughter became frustrated with her acne, he developed his now-famous and revolutionary VI Peel by combining the most popular breakout-battling acids into a pain-free treatment. Today, with the same innovative direction and passion as her father, Marya Khalil-Otto (current President and CEO of VI Aesthetics) continues to grow and build the VI Derm portfolio with effective skin care regimens that include daily serums, moisturizers and solutions for all skin types.