Product Recall

Our Mission
Providing safe products is a top priority at Dermstore. We make every effort to ensure a product's performance and safety meets our high standards before being sold on our site.

Product Recalls
For your convenience, and in cooperation with governmental and regulatory agencies, Dermstore maintains a list of products that have been recalled that we may have sold or are currently in the process of taking down. The recall information provided is based on manufacturers' and governmental agencies' press releases that involve products sold only through

Product Safe Resources
We believe that cooperation among regulators, manufacturers and retailers is the only way to find solutions to issues of quality assurance and product safety; we're committed to being a productive part of that effort. Below you can find more information about California Prop 65.

Product Safety & Recalls

We're committed to providing you and your family with outstanding quality and unparalleled safety. Here's where you can find information about how, why and what to do if a product is recalled.

What is a product recall?
When a governmental agency announces a recall of a product that is believed to be defective or potentially harmful to consumers, or when Dermstore is notified of a recall by a manufacturer or by a governmental agency, we take immediate action to initiate our rapid-response plan for handling recalled product.

For a complete list of all recalled products, please refer to the agency websites at:

How long do recalls last?
Recalls are indefinite; they do not expire. Regardless of when you learn about a product recall, you should confirm that you do indeed have a recalled product. Guests should refer to the appropriate agency website for current and historical recall information, and then follow the detailed instructions included in the recall notice.

What should customers do if they have a recalled product?
Customers should follow the manufacturer's directions that are outlined in the recall notice. Contact information for a manufacturer is typically provided within the recall notice. Additional information pertaining to a recall can generally be found by visiting the manufacturer's website.

How can I be directly notified of ALL consumer product recalls?
You can sign up to receive email alerts for recalled products directly from Please note that by clicking on the link above, you will be accessing information from that agency's website and will be subject to the policies of that site.

How can I find out if I have a recalled product?
Information about recalled products sold on are available online on our Product Recalls page. Information regarding all consumer product recalls can also be found online at Please note that by clicking on the link above, you will be accessing information from that agency's website and will be subject to the policies of that site.

Who do guests contact for questions regarding recalled products sold at
Specific questions may be directed to the manufacturer. However, if you have additional questions you may also contact Customer Service.

If one item from a specific manufacturer is recalled, does that mean all items from that manufacturer are potentially unsafe?
No, when a recall is issued it applies only to the specific product identified in the recall announcement and not to all products produced by that manufacturer. Recall announcements may only affect items produced during certain time periods, for certain model numbers or lot numbers. Please refer to the agency recall notice for detailed information.

If I purchased a recalled product from, can I return the product and receive a refund or store credit?
Customers who wish to return a recalled product will be accommodated with a refund, store credit or exchange. The outcome is dependent on availability of the replacement product and the time between your order date and the date of the recall. There may be some exceptions to this policy.