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Mandelic Acid

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Mandelic acid belongs to the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family. Extracted from bitter almonds, this naturally derived acid has been shown to improve all skin types from oily and acne prone to mature, sensitive and everything in between. Best known for its exfoliation capability, mandelic acid is gentler than its fellow AHAs, glycolic and lactic acids. Plus, it's oil soluble which allows it to not only exfoliate the surface of your skin but work deeper down on your pores as well.

The natural acid boosts skin cell turnover by dissolving the tiny bonds that hold skin cells together. This sloughs away the dull, dead cells to reveal the smooth, healthy ones underneath. An excellent choice for exfoliation beginners, mandelic acid provides a gentle experience. The larger size mandelic molecule absorbs more slowly than other AHAs, meaning it won't cause irritation, even to sensitive skin.

Widely used as an anti-aging treatment, mandelic acid provides a multitude of benefits ranging from lightening discoloration and signs of hyperpigmentation to softening lines and wrinkles and treating acne. When added to skin care, mandelic acid accelerates cell turnover to strengthen collagen and reverse damage caused from aging and sun exposure. It also helps to regulate sebum production to prevent future blemishes. Find the solution that's right for your skin in the curated shop below.

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