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Peptides are amino acids that make up the proteins in the skin. The way that peptides function in skin care products is by boosting your skin's natural communication system which slows over time due in part to free-radical damage.The decline in accurate and consistent communication that comes with age results in decreased collagen production, which directly contributes to wrinkles, loose and sagging skin, and dull and uneven skin tone.

The peptides in your skin care regimen assist in reversing this damage, repairing problem areas and preventing more communication issues from occurring. In this way, peptides decrease uneven texture, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and improve the overall appearance of the complexion. Pretty amazing stuff, right?

Dermstore carries a vast array of skin care featuring peptides, including the king of all peptides: copper. We offer anti-aging solutions from the top brands in the skin care industry, including SkinCeuticals, Paula's Choice and PCA Skin. Be sure to look for anti-aging products that blend peptides with other potent ingredients, such as vitamin C, retinols and plant stem cells, for best results!

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