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Vitamin A

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A staple ingredient in skin care, vitamin A (or retinol) is often the cornerstone in many of the anti-aging products you see and use today. Commonly referred to as, simply, retinol, this potent vitamin has proven beneficial in alleviating a majority of popular skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation to name a few. A superstar in the anti-aging field, it is extremely effective in communicating and connecting with your skin cells.

Through the cell receptor site, retinol, essentially, tells aging skin to behave like a younger, healthier skin cell. This helps visibly tighten, firm and lift skin. Wrinkles and fine lines appear diminished and your skin's texture is left supple and smooth. Aside from its remarkable anti-aging capabilities, vitamin A is also charged with antioxidants. Acting as a shield of protection on your skin, it repels ravaging free radicals that expedite the aging process. It has also been shown to propel collagen production to visibly plump skin. Discoloration from sun damage is visibly diminished. And it's not only those with mature skin that can benefit from retinol. This key ingredient has a remarkable way of helping mitigate acne symptoms by sloughing out bacteria clogged in pores.

Best used in graduating strengths to keep irritation at bay, retinol may range from low-strength to high strength treatments up to 1%. Since your skin health is of our upmost concern, Dermstore offers you a wide-range of dermatologist-backed retinol products. When it comes to finding the right retinol product for you, it's best to crawl before you walk. Each of these treatments, moisturizers and serums are designed to deliver results, and starting slow is ideal.

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