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Witch Hazel

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A natural extract utilized for centuries by Native Americans for medicinal purposes, witch hazel is still beneficial in modern skin care today. This anti-inflammatory antioxidant is produced from the bark and leaves of the North American witch-hazel shrub, then restructured into liquid form in topical treatments. As a component in skin care, it is often used externally to help alleviate the appearance and pain associated with sores, swelling and bruising.

Witch hazel's potent abilities in visibly reducing skin concerns have also become a key ingredient in toners, cleansers, acne treatments and eye creams. The high concentration of tannis in witch hazel make it a powerful astringent in reducing excess oil from skin and helping to minimize the appearance of pore size. Its antibacterial capabilities help to prevent future blemishes and breakouts. As it helps to combat acne, it also alleviates inflammation from skin irritation. In common skin care products, witch hazel helps to promote elasticity and clarify your complexion.

This herbal remedy is popular for helping to visibly even skin tone, fade skin discoloration and reduce under-eye puffiness. As a topical burn treatment, it can help provide immediate and lasting relief by soothing and disinfecting skin. Dermstore's collection of professional witch hazel products were handpicked to promote your best health to date. Discover all that this potent natural ingredient can do for you and your skin.

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