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Zinc Oxide

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For centuries, zinc oxide has been used to both protect and heal the skin. However, it is during this past century that its use as a sunscreen became an essential addition. Zinc oxide is a natural pigmented mineral that is first quarry-mined and then refined into a fluffy white powder. It is often found in cosmetics as a whitening agent, but is most popular used as a sunscreens due to its capability to block virtually the entire UVA and UVB spectrum by reflecting and scattering light.

Zinc oxide is generally used in combination with other organic sunscreen ingredients in different types of daily products such as moisturizers and makeup. Zinc oxide is a popular choice when it comes to sun protection because its not only effective, but is also non-irritating. With broad-spectrum sunscreen becoming a staple in all skin care regimens, many professional brands are developing new formulations. Gravitating towards a more lightweight and transparent texture, it lends to a comfortable application. These modern developments are found in cosmetics that come with sun protection, such as powder and liquid foundations as well as lipsticks and eyeshadows.

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