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Eyeshadow Primer

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Eyeshadow Primer You put meticulous care and attention to your look, and the last thing you'd probably want is for it to smudge and crease before the day's end. Keep your shadow play pristine and perfected throughout wear with the right eyeshadow primer. Whether your preference is loose, pressed or cream based, those carefully placed pigments are bound to move where you didn't plan.

Primers not only create an ideal base for keeping your makeup in place but can enhance their vibrancy, eliminating product waste. Unlike face primers, these are specially designed to house shadows and amplify your look. Usually delivering a nude color and a velvety texture, they simply glide onto your lids and prep the skin for every type of shadow application. Primers now offer a myriad of benefits to your sensitive eye area and various skin types. Formulations may now include innovative technology to smooth over imperfections and decrease puffiness, or conditioning ingredients like vitamin E and beeswax to lock in hydration. And when it comes to your shadow maintenance, primers can hold anywhere from 12- to 24-hour wear without the need for midday touchups.

Our curated a shop of primer heavy-hitters caters to all your needs and wants. Sensitive skin types can find options for a gentle touch, and makeup veterans are offered a range of backstage power players. All in all, the end result remains the same: a stunning look that everyone will envy.

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