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Calluses are hardened or tough areas of the skin that have occurred because of repeated friction, pressure or other irritations. Calluses are formed on the surface layer of your skin and consist of dead skin cells. Besides repeated contact, calluses can also form through toxins which cause skin to thicken on your palms or soles. Generally not known to be harmful to your health, they may lead to skin ulceration or infection.

Eventually, calluses tend to go away on their own, however irritation can be a constant cause of concern. For faster relief, they can be dissolved with the use of salicylic acid, sanded down with a pumice stone or other exfoliants, and softened with a variety of moisturizers. Dermstore offers professional treatments to smooth over your callus-prone areas. Regular pedicure and manicure visits may offer an immediate solution but with regular heel wear, your feet are quick to develop calluses again.

At-home products can bring your feet and hands consistent relief with cost-saving benefits. Softening your skin to a baby soft state and helping to prevent calluses from building in the future, brands like Glytone, Baby Foot and more offer solutions for treating yours once and for all. Shake hands and feel the sand beneath your toes with the satisfaction of renewed and restored skin health.

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