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Thin Lips

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The same as your skin and hair, lips come in many types. Some may be naturally full and plump while others may be petite and thin. In either case, the most important task is to treat yours with the right set of products, and it's easy to forget that thin lips need extra care. It's essential to remember that your lips are already the thinnest, most delicate part of your skin.

That being said, Dermstore is dedicated to lending a hand towards achieving your best skin health to date with nourishing, skin-loving lip balms and enhancers. Embracing your thin lips starts with moisturizing treatments and, if you're so inclined, beautifully pigmented glosses and lipsticks. Opt for products packed with beeswax, vitamin E, antioxidants and collagen to impart a voluminous look. These tried-and-true ingredients ensure that your lips are receiving soothing comfort and the ultimate care. Repelling free radicals and saving them from sun damage, smiling bright is even easier with this set of lip staples on hand.

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