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How to Use Body Makeup to Enhance (Nearly) Everything

You use makeup on your face to enhance your skin, make your cheekbones look a little bit higher and add a dewy glow where there’s none—why not use it on your body too? Here, we’ll show you how to do just that, along with the makeup products that will give you the best results. We’ve even gone as far as matching you with the skin care products to give you long-term results.


1. To Cover Up Body Blemishes

Most of us have skin imperfections—scars, stretch marks and spider veins—we prefer to keep hidden until they’ve fully faded. While there are things you can do and products you can apply to help speed up the process, body makeup can help make these skin imperfections look less pronounced—instantly.

DermStore Recommends: Dermablend Quick Fix Body, a waterproof body concealer that provides full coverage for up to 16 hours.

How-To: To ensure an even application, use a brush or sponge instead of your fingers to apply the product. Blend the edges until you can’t tell where the product ends and the rest of your skin begins. Set it with Dermablend Loose Setting Powder.

2. Make Your Arms, Legs and Tummy Look More Toned

Of course, nothing beats push-ups, sit-ups and loading up on healthy, low-calorie meals, but if you need to see results sooner, contouring will give you the appearance of a slimmer, more toned body without hitting the gym.

DermStore Recommends: Dermablend Quick Fix Body that’s two shades darker than your skin tone (For fair skin tones try Medium, for light skin tones try Honey, for medium skin tones try Bronze and for deep skin tones try Golden.)


  • Toned Arms: Apply a line right underneath biceps and a smaller line on top of triceps.
  • Trimmer Abs: Apply along the sides of torso.
  • Slimmer Thighs: Apply down along the outside of the thighs.
  • Toned Legs: Swipe along the calf muscle

Finish all applications with Dermablend Loose Setting Powder in Original.

Pro Tip: For best results, couple with products designed to tighten, firm and lift the appearance of sagging skin, like SkinCeuticals Body Tightening Concentrate. This product features 2% hydrolyzed rice protein to tighten and firm skin, giving it a more toned appearance.

3. To Even Skin Tone

Pasty legs, uneven pigmentation and tan lines in the weirdest places? Tinted body lotions work like tinted moisturizers: They provide sheer coverage as they hydrate your skin. They also conceal minor imperfections and even out skin tone without the weight of traditional makeup.

DermStore Recommends: Dermablend Leg & Body Cover, a lightweight, medium-coverage liquid that glides easily on your body, leaving a natural and comfortable finish that’s never cakey.

How-To: Apply Leg & Body Cover with fingertips or brush directly over the area you wish to cover. Feather outwards to blend into surrounding skin. Allow foundation to dry before applying additional layers if more coverage is needed. Apply a generous amount of Setting Powder, allow to set for two minutes, then brush off excess powder.

Pro Tip: For a smoother finish, exfoliate your skin thoroughly with SkinCeuticals Body Retexturing Treatment before applying body makeup.

4. To Give Your Neck and Décolletage a Youthful Glow

Don’t let your neck give away your age. The easiest way to illuminate and give your skin a nice, youthful sheen is by applying highlighter on strategic high points of your body.

DermStore Recommends: Dermablend Quick Fix Illuminator—Pearl

How-To: Much like applying highlighter to your face, apply this to the high points of your body, including shoulders, collarbone and cleavage.

Pro Tip: For long-term results, use with SkinCeuticals Neck, Chest and Hand Repair, a lightweight lotion designed to brighten and restore the youthful appearance of your neck, chest and hands.

5. To Make Tattoos Disappear—Sans Laser

Still got the name of your ex-boyfriend inked on your body? While laser is still the best way to erase all traces of previous indiscretions, some body concealers offer maximum, long-lasting coverage to cover up tattoos and other hard-to-conceal skin flaws.

DermStore Recommends: Dermablend Quick Fix Body provides full-body, smudge-proof and transfer-resistant coverage for up to 16 hours. The cream formula and stick applicator makes applying a natural finish simple and precise.

How-To: Apply directly over tattoo or area of concern. Pat with fingertips and blend out, or feather edges to avoid any demarcation lines. Allow foundation to dry completely before applying additional layers if more coverage is desired. Pat on a generous amount of Setting Powder over covered areas. Set for two minutes, then lightly brush off excess powder.

Pro Tip: Remove body makeup in a flash with Dermablend Long Wear Makeup Remover. Apply a generous amount on fingertips and gently massage over skin in a circular motion. Either rinse or tissue off. Leaves no residue and skin feels conditioned.

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