Does skin mecica lyteria 2.0 have enough retinol in it to be my only retinol treatment?

Question: I was told at 37 I need to start a retinol I see that skin medica 2.0 has retinol in it but I do not see a percentage. Does this product have enough retinol in it to be my retinol of choice? Thank you

Thank you for reaching out to us . SkinMedica`s highest percentage of Retinol is their Age Defense Retinol Complex 1.0 ,you might be looking at the Lytera 2.0 Advanced Pigment Correcting System. The system has the 0.5 Retinol Product included in the kit. I would recommend possibly start out slow, their Age Defense Retinol Complex .25 would be a nice way to get introduced to the product. From there you can increase to the .5 all the way to the 1.0 . Once your skin gets acclimated. Hoope this helps, have a nice day!Thank you for making Dermstore your #1 source for all things beauty!
Cyndee RDermstore Esthetician