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Q I use tretinoin 1% every night in conjunction with obagi blender with hidroconine for 3 years. I will like to know if I can use one night a week a weaker type of retinol. Which one you recomend and which streinght. Also should I use a moisturizer after or before because this days I have peeling and red patches around my mouth. Should I stop the treatment until the redness is gone? Also I use vitamin c 20% in conjunction with obagi exfoderm in the mornings. Please let me know. Thank you Marisol

Thank you for reaching out to us. In answer to your question you are using a lot of active ingredients all at once. You wouldn`t neccesarily have to use a weaker retinol I would just cut back on your usage every night ,maybe apply 2-3 x a week. And the nights that you are not using your Retinol use the Obagi Blender. I would definitely follow with a moisturizer every night , either before or after . I would avoid the areas where you are peeling . For your day time routine you should be fine, it's just your night time that youshould concentrate on to be more gentle.

I hope this helps, have a nice day !


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