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The Doctor Will See You Now: Meet Dr. Whitney Bowe

Teresa Greenfeld
Writer and expert1 month ago
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As the premier skin care authority, we’re fanatics about education, accuracy and the most up to date information and recommendations when it comes to all things skin care and wellness. That especially includes educating ourselves, and for that we go to the experts.

Like many of you, we’ve been huge admirers of New York-based board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Whitney Bowe, for years, and we’re thrilled to announce that not only are we the exclusive retailer of Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty, but that Dr. Bowe is also joining Dermstore as a Medical Advisor. Beyond her incredibly successful practice (which has been fully booked for seven years!), Dr. Bowe created the viral Skin Cycling program and has long championed a focus on the skin-gut-mind connection, for which she’s been called the “3D Derm”. Her deep commitment to clinical skin care research is a throughline for each and every Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty product, which is among the most rigorously-tested in the industry. We sat down with Dr. Bowe to learn more about her products and why she decided to join Dermstore.

Q+A with Dr. Whitney Bowe

What made you decide to create Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty?

Dr. Bowe: I’m relentless when it comes to mastering how to optimize skin health. I’ve practiced dermatology for over a decade and lectured around the world as a thought leader in my space. I believe that just because something has always been done a certain way, that doesn’t mean that’s the right way or the BEST way. I use this lens not only as a dermatologist and trained research scientist, but also when formulating our innovative Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty skin care.

I’m also always listening to, and learning from, my patients. The thousands of patients I’ve treated have shared insights you’ll never find in a textbook or a clinical study—they have given me a front row seat to unmet skin care needs. It’s the combination of my obsession with science and research, combined with that human interaction that fuels my knowledge of how to create disruptive skin care that drives impactful, measurable results in the skin.

Tell us a little about Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty. What makes it different?

Dr. Bowe: I take a strategic approach to skin care that is designed to drive optimal results while minimizing irritation, even when using powerful ingredients. I believe that each skin care product you use should work smarter and harder for you and there should be full transparency when it comes to product efficacy. That’s why each Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty product is so rigorously tested. Not only do we formulate our skin care with clinically-tested ingredients, independent third-party labs also test the final formulas consumers have in their Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty bottles. This is a level deeper than most testing in the industry. Then we go even further, using both subjective and objective clinical tests to show how our products impact the skin. We invest nearly half of our marketing budget in product development and testing. That’s very rare and a reflection of our commitment to product development and driving results for our audience. This rigor for testing comes from my background as a dermatologist and a published research scientist. I was able to attract a team of incredibly talented individuals who are all equally committed to launching only the most effective, clinically-backed products.

How has being a dermatologist impacted or inspired the kind of products you decide to create?

Dr. Bowe: My clinical practice inspires me as a brand founder, and my role as founder of a skin care brand makes me a better dermatologist. I’ll have a conversation with a patient that inspires a product. It helps me identify an unmet need, an opportunity to create something that’s better than anything out there. I’ll go to my team at Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty and we will start to work on it. In that process, I learn something about a new class of ingredients and connect the dots to another patient and we leverage that knowledge to improve her skin even further— it’s a cycle. Being a brand founder makes me an infinitely better dermatologist, and I can’t even imagine trying to create complicated skin care products without the knowledge base I’ve built treating thousands of patients for over a decade.

Why do you love Dermstore and why did you choose Dermstore as the exclusive retailer for Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty?

Dr. Bowe:Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty is known for the high quality and clinically proven efficacy of our products, combined with our commitment to empowering through education. Similarly, Dermstore’s mission is to provide high-performance skin care coupled with elevated and insightful consumer education. Even as a retailer, Dermstore consistently chooses quality over quantity, making their platform extremely selective and trusted. Given our synergy, it was the perfect partnership.

Why did you decide to join the Dermstore community of educators?

Dr. Bowe: I am deeply committed to empowering through education. In fact, one of Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty’s primary pillars is education. When you understand ingredients and how products are formulated and tested, you are in the best position to make informed decisions about your own skin’s needs. So many people don’t have access to a board-certified dermatologist, let alone a dermatologist who is willing to spend time focusing on their at-home skin care products. Partnering with Dermstore allows me to reach even more people, to help them achieve their healthiest skin.

Shop Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty for expertly-formulated skincare, now available at Dermstore!

Teresa Greenfeld
Writer and expert
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Teresa Greenfeld has worked in fashion and beauty for over 15 years as a writer, editor and content strategist. She has been privileged to work at Carbon38 as a Senior Editor, at as the Fashion and Beauty Director, and has amassed a resume that includes Vogue, Allure and Elle magazines. Her passions include back-to-back sheet masks, reading peer-reviewed papers on skin care, and obsessive sunscreen application. Though born in Manhattan, she currently lives in LA, and will always consider herself a New Yorker at heart.