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5 Makeup Trends That Will Be Huge This Summer, According to Pros

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Weekends packed with wedding receptions and rooftop drinks, last-minute getaways to the shore and afternoons picnicking in the park with champagne—it’s no wonder summer is a beloved time of year. As you stow away those jeans and pull out your swimsuit, take a moment to revamp your makeup drawer, too. Just the way you pack on a little more sunscreen before heading outdoors and let your hair air dry on warm days—your blush, eyeshadow and lip game has to change in the summer, too.

So what’s going to be getting all of those double-taps on Instagram this season? According to makeup pros, we can expect to flaunt shimmery hues and coral lips this year. To get you ahead of the trend, here’s what the experts predict and how you can rock it—no matter if you’re going to the office or grabbing drinks with friends.

  1. 1. Summer Sheen

    Thanks to some YouTube videos (and an in-person tutorial from your bestie), you finally figured out how to master that highlighted cheekbone look. Now, it’s time to challenge your skill set to achieve what makeup artist Jules Annen calls the “summer sheen.” And while it definitely includes some shimmer, Annen says that sunset-kissed sparkle starts with healthy skin. “This summer it’s all about the full face glow. A radiant face is the mark of youth and energy. To achieve that coveted sheen, start with a consistent skin care regimen. Choose products that fit your skin type. Be mindful that skin can change, especially from spring to summer, so it’s best to have a variety of cleansers and moisturizers that you can alternate between based on your skin’s ever-changing needs,” she says.
    As for that luminous glow? Annen suggests Becca Cosmetics Limited Edition Gradient Sunlit Bronzer for a multi-dimensional look and finish. Swirl together to create a unique bronzed glow for face and body!

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  2. 2. Pops of Coral

    While those cool symbols you used to draw on your notebook circa the ’90s aren’t exactly back in style, making a dramatic switch between night and day lip looks is! Instead of flaunting a myriad of lip colors in shades of pink, red and purple, the summer season will be about simplicity and cutting back on your collection. Don’t be afraid to drench your lips in luminous color with theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. Enriched with vanilla and peppermint oils, this flattering coral lipstick imparts a delectable fragrance.

  3. 3. Pigmented Cheeks
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    3. Pigmented Cheeks

    Ever flipped through your mom’s old high school photos and gawked at her heavy-handed blush habit? She might get the last laugh now, since Annen officially gives you permission to go big with your blush this summer. “Whether you’re using a powder, cream or gel, go ahead and give it all you’ve got!”
    Be strategic in placement though. “Blush too close to the nose will make you look sick and blotchy,” she says. Annen suggests getting started with a highly pigmented blush, like Kevyn Aucoin’s The Neo-Blush, which will stay put from the time you send your first email until you turn on that out-of-office message and hit the road.

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  4. 4. Sun-Kissed Palette

    Thought those soft and luminous shades were only good for one season? Luckily for you (and your wallet), they have some more life in them. Makeup artist Hillary Kline recommends blending different shades of satin hues for your lid color. Her go-to palette is Laura Geller New York’s Southhampton Classic Face Palette because it features six shimmering and matte shades that accentuate your eyes and cheeks. “Summer is a fun season! I think it all has to do with experimenting with different colors and pigments,” she says.

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  5. 5. Dewy Skin
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    5. Dewy Skin

    Between the salt, sweat and the sun, your skin is going to feel less clean than it usually does during the summer. So why use a thick foundation that’ll only make your face feel heavier? Shreeda Tailor, owner and artistic director of J. Tailor Salon, says to opt for a hydrating foundation instead of your usual full-coverage one. She also emphasizes not to underestimate the power of a great toner. Before you apply your summer-friendly foundation, like this one from GlamNatural, Tailor says to spray a lightweight toner on your face. This will help your foundation flawlessly set into your skin, without appearing cake-y or muddy. This Rehydrating Ginseng Toner from Elemis will be especially refreshing first thing in the morning. As for a pro tip? Don’t be afraid to seal your dewy look with a setting powder, like this one from Dermablend and then spritz on some toner one more time before you head out the door.

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