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Is Sweat Breaking You Out? Here Are 5 Ways to Deal.

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Summer fun never disappoints—to make you sweat like crazy! Even in milder climates around the country or the world, those scorching temperatures require your body to release toxins via your pores, producing sweat that’s attempting to cool you down fast. Though it’s your body’s natural reaction to ensure you’re not overheated, all of that excess moisture can mean double-duty cleanup for your pores.

Sweat in itself is not ‘bad’ for the skin if it is wicked or evaporated away. However, if it sits on the skin, especially if it remains in contact with the skin via sweat-soaked clothes, it can be problematic and cause an obstruction of the sweat pore. This blockage may occur when the bacteria within sweat mingles with dead skin cells and creates a plug of debris,” explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sharyn Laughlin, MD. Not only can this sweat-induced blockage result in acne breakout, too much sweat can also trigger a number of other skin conditions too, like skin rash, according to Dr. Laughlin.

The good news? Cleaning up your face and body after a day spent poolside, beachside or the gym is easy. It just requires a few simple steps:

  1. 1. Give your face a quick splash of cool water.
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    1. Give your face a quick splash of cool water.

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  2. 2. Keep disposable face cloths or wipes handy.

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  3. 3. If you're prone to acne, consider tossing a medicated cleanser in your purse.
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    3. If you're prone to acne, consider tossing a medicated cleanser in your purse.

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  4. 4. Give your skin a thorough cleanse at night.

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  5. 5. Once a week, use a chemical exfoliator.
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    5. Once a week, use a chemical exfoliator.

    READERS—Do you have other pore-cleansing hacks to share? Tell us in the comments section below!

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