7 Makeup Trends to Watch Out for This Fall 2017

BY Lindsay Tigar · August 8, 2017

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While summer is a more laid-back time for beauty, with rising temps encouraging you to wear less makeup and spend more time relaxing, fall—at least according to recent runway shows—calls for a new motto: go bold, go warm and go big. While the high-fashion looks from the runway are quite more appropriate for your girls’ night out, makeup artists have given us a glimpse of what they predict most of us will be toting around in our everyday makeup bag. Here are the “wearable” fall makeup trends you’ll want to follow, according to the pros:

1. Color-blocked lids

Though you’ve probably been rocking color-blocked dresses and blouses for years now, contrasting hues are making an appearance in makeup looks. Freelance makeup artist and beauty expert Hillary Kline suggests bringing this trend to your eyelids by using a bright, bold eyeshadow color that speaks to you and brings out your eye color. Then, choose a contrasting color to apply as liner, using a thin brush to make it subtle. For fall, she suggests fuchsia, electric green or a vibrant blue—or consider fall’s hottest hues like burnt orange, copper and other metallic colors—and then finish off the look with a few coats of mascara. “Let the eyes be the statement and go light on the rest of your face makeup,” she adds.

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2. Graphic liner

In addition to color-blocking your eyeshadow, makeup artist and global ambassador for Cover FX Derek Selby says eyeliner will become even braver and bolder. Instead of the classic winged look, Selby says to tap into your inner grunge and try a super-thick line. For those who dare to go darker, he suggests drawing a graphic line that floats from the crease of the eye to the outer edge of the brow.

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3. Highlighting the inner corner of the eye

With the shift in seasons comes daylight savings time, and while you do gain an hour of sleep, sunshine spends less time in the sky, making you sleepy earlier than the summer months. If you’re struggling to wake up in the morning, Kline suggests hopping on the trend of highlighting the inner corner of your eyes. This simple hack takes less than a second but impacts your overall look. “To create this super-easy look, place a pearl/opal eyeshadow or highlighter on the inner corner of the eye using a small eyeshadow brush. Instant pop!” Kline says.

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4. Berry lips

Move aside red, red lip—Selby predicts that instead of the traditional bright-red lip color, fall will welcome a more berry tone, including shades of burgundy, merlot, plum, purple and even almost-black. “The deeper the shade, the more dramatic it looks. You can try a lipstick, lip gloss or even a stain. Keep the remaining makeup simple, other than some definition on the lashes,” he advises.

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5. Dramatic lashes

When you’re in a rush to get out the door, do you sometimes skip certain parts of your makeup routine? We’re all guilty of going the easy route in a hurry, but Kline says to make sure your eyelashes get some love this autumn. Instead of the top lids getting all of the attention, it’s time for the bottom strands to be the star of the eyes. “Take your favorite mascara and put a few hearty coats on the bottom lashes. For a more smoky look, smudge black liner under it,” she says. “This adds intense drama to your going-out look!” 

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6. Unruly eyebrows

Thanks to celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, who embraces the natural shape and fullness of her brows, letting your brows be the brows you were born with is in style this season. “I have been noticing a lot more dense and fluffy brows, some unkempt, which are super beautiful,” Kline notes. To make sure you don’t go full cavewoman, but rather, chic and modern, Kline suggests using a brow gel to keep them in place, or investing in a brow pencil or powder that matches your hair color to add an extra dimension.

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7. Natural-looking skin with peach accents

Natural makeup—which centers on flawless, dewy complexion—will continue to be in style this season, according to Selby. The only difference will be the presence of peach accents. “Peach works on so many skin tones and looks great with just a light layer of foundation,” he explains. To pull this off, apply a light-coverage foundation and then add peach blush to the cheeks, eyes and lips. If you’re on the tanner side, Selby says to use a matte bronzer to subtly sculpt the cheeks just under the cheekbones.

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