acne prone makeup suggestions

Question: My question is what type of foundation/powder/highlighter/bronzer would you recommended for oily, acne breakouts on cheeks and jawline use daily. I am thinking of ordering the skin cuet. skincare adult acne kit with the PCA moisturizer to help clear my skin up, but would like a makeup product that won't go against clearing my skin up. I also wear a mask daily at work and don't need a ton of product as it does come off but I do wear more make up on the weekends. Any suggestions? Thankyou and I love reading all the other advice given to other questions.

I would recommend the brand Jane Iredale. This brand is Clean, Mineral Makeup, their Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation is designed for your skin type. This make up line has all of the products that you are interested in for your skin care needs. I hope this helps , have a nice day! Cyndee, Dermstore Esthetician