Sudden acne and acne scars

Question: Im 16 right now, i started to have acne since the last two months, its not cystic acne nor is it the painful one, it started with just a tiny pimple on my forehead, recently before the sudden acne i travelled and the place where i stayed was not very hygienic, the water was of boring, and soon when i came back i had the worst pimples on my forehead, my chin, left cheeck, my forehead was full of u der skin bunps but they were not pimples as they were under my skin but they huge, in my chin i had some spots and pimples like nodules and on my cheek, there were one pimple but alot of spots in the contour area, after a month of trying various things, the bumps went away and left spots alot of them more than the pimples that were there, chin acne is now gone just some whiteheads my forehead is still has some small tiny bumps and occasional pimples, cheek is mostly the same with spots, i had crystal clear skin just few months and i really need it back

Thank you for reaching out to us . I would recommend the Eminence Brand. TheirAcne Advanced 3-Step Treatment System. All of the products that are in this kit are designed to help with your skincare concerns.