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Guide to the Different Eyebrow Shapes + How to Sculpt Your Most Flattering Brows

Different eyebrow shapes can be a game-changer for our faces, depending on what face shape we have. We all can remember a bad experience when our eyebrows came out too thin, too bushy, or just didn’t look right. Eyebrows are definitely not one-size-fits-all, so how do we know which brow shape will work best? We spoke with makeup artist Ariel Dropkin to learn about different eyebrow shapes and she shared some of her tips on choosing the right shape for your face.

The Right Brow Look for Your Face Shape

Comparable to haircuts, choosing the right eyebrow shape can really enhance the structure of your face. Not only that, but choosing the right eyebrow shape can make you look younger, healthier and more awake. Whether you do your own brows or go to a professional, it’s important to know what brows will work best for your unique (and beautiful) face! Let’s break down the different face shapes, how to pinpoint which shape you have and how to get your best brows.

As we do with any beauty topic, we recommend seeking the help of a brow professional if you’re reluctant to try it yourself. Brow bars are trending now more than ever, so there is definitely a pro nearby who can help you out. If you’re looking to take the do-it-yourself approach, you can still embrace your natural brows! Instead of over-grooming them into a new shape, simply manicure what you’re already rockin’! As Dropkin says, “Over-tweezing is virtually a thing of the past,” so be proud of your bold brows, no matter what face shape you have.

  1. Face Shape: Square

    What It Looks Like: Forehead, jawline and cheekbones are all about the same width, making for a square-like shape.
    Best Eyebrow Shape: “Because there is already angularity with square faces,” Dropkin explains, “you want to make sure the brows aren’t too angled or arched. You’ll want to create a softer look without making the brows too round.”

  2. Face Shape: Round

    What It Looks Like: Face is widest at the cheeks, with little to no angularity. Face is almost as long as it is wide.
    Best Eyebrow Shape: “Accenting the arch of the brow is best because it plays off the rounder face shape,” says Dropkin. She recommends a higher arch for a more flattering look.

  3. Face Shape: Heart

    What It Looks Like: Similar to the round face shape, but jawline comes to a slight point at the chin. Cheeks are slightly wider than the forehead.
    Best Eyebrow Shape: On this face shape, Dropkin says that the “fuller-brow look doesn’t always tend to look best.” She explains, “Since the jawline is smaller and the forehead is more emphasized, you want more of a controlled brow look as opposed to a bushier look.”

  4. Face Shape: Oval

    What It Looks Like: Face is longer than it is wide, with no angularity along the jawline. Rounded shape that can be somewhat oblong.
    Best Eyebrow Shape: “An oval face carries a well-balanced brow best,” explains Dropkin. She says that “all aspects of the brow should be pretty proportional, with a slight arch.”

  5. Face Shape: Diamond

    What It Looks Like: Face has a narrow forehead and chin that are about the same width. The cheekbones are the widest points of the face.
    Best Eyebrow Shape: Someone with a diamond-shaped face should have “a brow with a more rounded appearance.” Dropkin says, “It’s a good way of creating balance between this face shape’s wider cheeks and narrow forehead.”

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