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Here’s How to Get Rid of Blackhead Acne—Naturally

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Take a moment and think back to your early teenage years. What are some things that pop into your mind? Maybe it’s your first crush or that one weekend your parents let you stay out a whole hour past curfew. While many look back fondly on the overall experience, one thing that nearly everyone can relate to is the emergence of acne. Natural hormonal shifts in the body make the skin oilier, which leads to clogged pores. Only so many options could curb acne’s impact at the time, but it usually gets better with age.

However, many adults still deal with blackhead acne (also known as open comedones). Whenever follicles on the skin become clogged by excess oil, dirt or other impurities, the formed blockage becomes visible as a blackhead or whitehead. While the acne may not be as noticeable as compared to your youth, that doesn’t mean you need to live with it. Fortunately, there are some great remedies available.

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Given the number of products on the market designed to treat acne, it may be hard to determine what’s going to work best for your skin. While some active ingredients are tried-and-true acne fighters, they can sometimes be too harsh for those with sensitive skin. Recently, shoppers have been turning toward products with natural ingredients to clear up their blackheads and blemishes. Check out Dermstore's recommendations below. 


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