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9 Innovative Hair Products Inspired by Skin Care

Once upon a time, the only options for treating concerns like dryness, frizz and dandruff were to pick up a targeted shampoo and conditioner. But we—and our hair care routines—have come a long way since then. (We’re no longer scrunching our ends into crunchy oblivion, for starters.) But beyond styling routines, there’s been a significant spike in interest in the actual health of our hair, even if it means sacrificing on aesthetics (like giving up heat styling and embracing your natural curl pattern). So why the change of heart? It’s due largely in part to what we’re calling the “skinfication” of hair.

The “Skinfication” of Hair

Just like the skin on your face, your scalp can become dry and flaky if not properly nourished, or become clogged with oil and product buildup if not properly exfoliated. So when products like scalp scrubs, nourishing masks and clarifying oils started to hit the market and produce visible results, customers began to realize that the right routine can transform your hair, just like the right skin care products can make or break (out) your skin. And thus, the “skinfication” of hair movement was born—and it’s still booming.

So what products should be the driving force behind your new “skin care routine” for hair? Discover our favorite innovations for your best hair ever, below.

  1. UV/Pollution Protection
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    UV/Pollution Protection

    Invisible Defense Universal Protection Spray

    Just as the sun can do irreparable damage to your skin, it can do the same for your hair—particularly if you color your hair. Enter: Oribe’s Invisible Defense Universal Protection Spray, a lightweight, dual-function mist that provides thermal protection from heat styling (up to 450 degrees) and protection from the sun’s UV rays.

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  2. Moisturizer
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    HIGH DIVE Moisture Shine Creme

    Much like how face creams deliver and seal in moisture, hair moisturizers provide root-to-tip nourishment for a more manageable mane. Say goodbye to frizz and flyaways with this smoothing hair cream that also acts as a leave-in conditioner, allowing for easier styling and manageability. Featuring sodium PCA, sunflower seed-extract, argan oil and vitamins E and B5, it boosts your hair’s luster and shine while protecting it from pollution and other environmental aggressors.

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  3. Hair Mask
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    Hair Mask

    No 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

    If you’ve even glanced at social media in the last year, you’ve definitely heard of Olaplex. No. 8—an intense moisturizing mask—the latest innovation from the brand, and it’s already rivaling the brand’s popular No. 3 Hair Perfector. This new formulation features the same bond-building technology, but also smooths frayed ends, tames those annoying flyaways you get at your roots and leaves hair looking shiny.

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  4. Serum
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    Topical Scalp Supplement

    When your skin is feeling dry and irritated, you’ve probably heard that it’s a good idea to reach for a moisturizer enriched with barrier-supporting ceramides. The same is true for your scalp. If you’re dealing with dryness, flakiness or itchiness on the scalp, try the Topical Scalp Supplement from VIRTUE, a lightweight serum infused with ceramides and peptides to nourish the skin barrier (and improve its ability to regulate itself).

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  5. Scalp Toner
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    Scalp Toner

    Philip Kingsley
    Flaky Scalp Calming Scalp Toner

    Not to be confused with hair toners that are used to revive color and get rid of brassiness, a scalp toner acts much like the toner in your skin care regimen. It regulates your scalp’s sebum production and balances its pH level while hydrating and nourishing your scalp. This toner features a water-based formula that keeps oiliness at bay while soothing itchiness and flaking. It harnesses the anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties of piroctone olamine, witch hazel and menthol to protect against bacteria and provide relief from irritation.


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  6. Scalp Mask
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    Scalp Mask

    Scalp Revival Charcoal Tea Tree Cooling Hydration Scalp Mask

    To put it simply, this mask has all of the good stuff your scalp will love and none of the sketchy ingredients that strip or build up on the scalp (this product is completely free of parabens, silicones and sulfates). The result is major scalp-soothing that doesn’t weigh down your hair or leave your roots feeling limp and heavy.


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  7. Treatment
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    Living Proof
    Scalp Care Revitalizing Treatment

    When it comes to hair growth, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on regular trims and caring for your ends. It’s true that breakage can make your hair seem to grow slower, but don’t forget that growth happens at the scalp. As such, scalp treatments are where it’s at when you want to give your hair a boost. If you’ve experienced stress-related hair loss (haven’t we all this year) or noticed a lack of fullness at your hairline, try this targeted treatment to promote healthy follicles and stimulate the scalp.

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  8. Exfoliator
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    Christophe Robin
    Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

    Regular exfoliation is key to keeping your skin healthy and breakout-free, and the same is true for your scalp. Powered by the purifying properties of sea salt, hydrating sweet almond oil and nourishing limnanthes seed oil extract, this scrub removes and prevents the buildup of residue from styling products, dry shampoo and color treatments. It also soothes itching and irritation, keeps oil production under control and protects pigments in color-treated hair.

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  9. Cleanser
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    Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

    Just like how products can build up on your skin and lead to clogged pores and breakouts, those dry shampoos, hairsprays and styling creams also leave a residue that can lead to scalp problems. This cleanser and conditioner features a vegan formula that’s infused with aloe vera, argan oil and apple cider vinegar. It smooths and moisturizes each strand while removing dirt and other impurities and keeping your scalp flake-free.

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