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16 Best Hair Growth Products and Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Jessie Quinn
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Hair growth and scalp treatments from Briogeo, Living Proof, Oribe, Alterna, Christophe Robin & miriam quevedo

Hair loss can be a life-altering experience, especially for women who identify with luscious hair as a symbol of youth and vitality. If you’re one of the more than 80 million men and women in the United States struggling with hair loss and thinning strands, we’re here to help.

What Is Hair Loss?

When washing or brushing your hair, you might notice a significant amount of hair strands lifting away from the scalp. Don't panic—that’s likely not hair loss. According to Dr. Dominic Burg, chief scientist and trichologist at évolis professional, it’s completely normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day. “If this sounds like a lot, you have to remember that you have around 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on your head, so this only represents 0.001% of your total hair,” he assures. “After they fall they are generally replaced by a new hair growing in its place,” Dr. Burg adds.

So, what is hair loss? “Hair loss describes the gradual or sudden loss of actively growing hair follicles on the scalp, usually following a change in the hair growth cycle,” explains Dr. Burg. To understand hair loss, it's important to understand this growth cycle. “The hair cycle is a repeating pattern of growth, rest and fall that happens many times over your life, with the average hair cycle being six or seven years in length,” Dr. Burg says. That said, this cycle is not in unison. “The hair cycles asynchronously, with each hair following its own timing and pattern.”

At the center of the hair cycle and hair growth are the hair follicles. “Hair follicles are actually little organs—much like any other organ in your body—and like other organs, are made up of different parts that do different jobs,” says Dr. Burg. “Ultimately, hair follicles are little machines geared up to manufacture hair shafts out of keratin. The follicles have to work extremely hard to do this 24/7, burning a lot of energy in the process,” he notes. “The body’s control over the process is complex, and like anything complex, it can be quite easy to disrupt the balance and for things to go a little awry. This is the root cause of hair loss and thinning,” he explains.

According to Dr. Burg, most forms of hair loss are caused by a shortening of the growth phase during the hair cycle. “When the growth period becomes too short, hair falls out quickly, excess shedding occurs and the regenerating hair comes in finer and is less substantial,” he notes.

Why Does Hair Loss Occur in Some Women?

A shortened growth cycle might be the root cause of hair loss, but what messes with the hair cycle to begin with? “Hormones, diet, stress, genetics, aging and [damaging] hairstyles are many of the reasons,” says Dr. Burg. “The causes of hair loss are varied and complex and can be a combination of lifestyle and genetic factors. Common to all of these is a resulting dysfunction in the hair cycle and shortening of the anagen phase [the first phase of the hair growth cycle],” he notes.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most common hair loss culprits:

  • Hormones: “Hormones are very potent molecules that affect the body in profound ways,” explains Dr. Burg. “Many of them can also impact the way hair grows, metabolizes and cycles,” he notes. If hair loss occurs due to hormones, it typically has to do with a change in levels such as during pregnancy or menopause. However, hormonal hair loss can also occur with challenges in thyroid hormones and hormones altered by birth control.
  • Diet: According to Dr. Burg, a balanced diet is crucial for maintaining healthy hair. However, with strict or restrictive diets, “we may not be getting all the nutrients and energy we need for healthy hair growth,” he notes. “The body is an amazing machine that intricately conserves and manages energy balance and nutrition. Your body knows that your hair is not essential for maintaining your life, unlike your heart, lungs and brain. When your body is under stress or you don’t have enough nutrients, it will shuttle those nutrients and energy to essential organs and away from the hair.” When this occurs, the hair follicles “prematurely enter the resting phase and slowing of growth,” Dr. Burg explains.
  • Stress: “Along with diet, stress impacts the way the body shuttles and manages energy and nutrients,” says Dr. Burg. “High levels of constant stress put the body into a constant fight-or-flight mode where hair growth is not a critical function and is reduced in favor of other systems,” he adds.
  • Genetics: Your hair loss could also be caused by your genes. However, Dr. Burg says genetically caused hair loss is a bit more complex. “From recent studies in men, we know over 150 genes are involved, including the hair cycle regulator FGF5 [a protein that stops and starts hair growth]. A similar story is likely occurring in women as well,” he notes.
  • Medications and Illness: Just like diet, medication can also have an impact on your hair growth. “Some medications can result in hair loss and many people experience some hair loss in the weeks and months after an anesthetic or large medical procedure,” says Dr. Burg. “Prolonged illness can also cause hair loss.”
  • The Aging Process: Aging can also have an impact on the hair cycle, which could result in hair loss. “Our hair follicles work extremely hard, dividing their cells and producing the keratin and melanins that comprise the hair shaft,” explains Dr. Burg. “Hair follicles work in a cycle of growth, rest and fall, followed by regeneration from remnant stem cells. As this cycle is repeated many times over our lives, the follicles begin to get a little tired and hair-cycle disruption begins to occur,” he adds. The disruption of the hair cycle can often be followed by “cycle shortening and miniaturization.”
  • Hairstyles: We put our hair through the ringer for a good look. And according to Dr. Burg, it can have its repercussions. “Very tight hairstyles can damage the follicles and the arrector pili muscle, resulting in traction alopecia [gradual hair loss]. Overuse of heat and harsh chemicals can also result in damage to the scalp and follicles,” he warns.

The Best Products & Treatments for Hair Growth in Women

The best way to address thinning hair and promote healthy hair growth is with a multi-pronged approach, with treatments that address the root cause as well as hair care products that help your strands look thicker and fuller:

  • Scalp Treatments: These products, which range from scrubs to serums to specialized cleansers, help create the ideal environment for healthy hair growth.
  • Hair Growth Treatments: With active ingredients that help promote hair growth (think peptides, proteins, and growth factors), these targeted treatments can put you on the right track for healthier- and thicker-looking hair.
  • Growth Supplements and Devices: Take your hair care routine to the next level with vitamins that promote healthy growth from the inside out, and laser or light therapy devices that help stimulate follicles.
  • Hair Densifying Products & Fillers: While you wait for treatments to work, these cosmetic products can help camouflage bare patches on your scalp and give the look of fullness to fine strands.

We’ve rounded up our best hair loss treatments and prevention products, all designed to restore your crowning glory. Take a look, ahead!


New & Noteworthy


1. VIRTUE Flourish 5% Minoxidil Foam

This foaming formula packs a punch with FDA-approved minoxidil for hair regrowth in women. Ideal for those who have experienced hair loss, it’s a sleep-in scalp elixir that works while you snooze to activate hair follicles, stimulating regrowth throughout.

What shoppers say: “I have purchased this product for about 3 months. My hair is doing wonderful. My spots as well as thinning areas are growing in nicely. I have alopecia and see a lot of new growth.” —Joyce, Dermstore reviewer

2. VIRTUE Flourish Density Booster

As far as hair growth is concerned, a healthy 'do is a must. With the addition of Alpha Keratin 60ku and a blend of botanicals, this hair-thickening formula works to repair breakage and strengthen strands. Additionally, it stimulates fatigued follicles and protects against further damage so you can achieve a shiny, thriving head of hair.

What shoppers say: “Love love this product. Just a couple of sprays to the hair at night and you’ll love it. So much volume to my hair.” —Priscilla, Dermstore reviewer

3. Living Proof Scalp Care Revitalizing Treatment

Scalp care is the first place we look to when targeting hair regrowth, and this revitalizing formula has it covered with a blend of yeast proteins, zinc salta and encapsulated actives that fertilize the roots to create an ideal scalp environment for hair growth. In addition, it also includes jojoba, which creates a balanced scalp environment, and nourishing peptides that plump hair fibers for a thicker appearance all around.

What shoppers say: “Finally a scalp product that has worked for my menopausal thinning hair! It takes time and effort but it really does work!” —Ali, Dermstore reviewer

4. Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Cooling Hydration Mask

You’ve heard of charcoal masks for your face—but what about charcoal masks for your scalp? This one from Briogeo combines detoxifying charcoal with cooling tea tree, spearmint and peppermint oils to calm the scalp and relieve itching and flaking. Additionally, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera work together to nourish the roots.

What shoppers say: “Love this product. Works great. Takes the dry itching away. Smells great; it is a must have!” —Dermstore reviewer

Scalp Treatments


5. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

To improve hair growth efforts, creating the perfect environment is key. One way to do so is by exfoliating the scalp to remove dry, dead skin cells and allow for better absorption of hair growth serums. This sea salt scrub is coarse enough to lift away buildup, yet gentle and nourishing. Almond oil and limnanthes seed oil extract work together to soothe and hydrate the scalp and promote shine.

What shoppers say: “This hair scalp scrub really worked well for me. I was concerned as I have very dry hair, but this felt great on my head and my hair felt great after using this.” —Kathy, Dermstore reviewer

6. dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Apple cider vinegar is a must for any haircare arsenal—especially when hair growth is the goal. This formula gently removes dirt and debris from the scalp while proteins work to strengthen strands. The addition of argan oil and aloe vera provides a deeply nourishing sensation that extends down to the hair, leaving locks smooth and silky.

What shoppers say: “I use this twice a month to remove a buildup of leave in conditioners and styling products. I do condition afterwards, because my hair is so dry. This is gentle on my scalp.” —Dermstore reviewer

7. VIRTUE Topical Scalp Supplement

The skin on your scalp is just as important as the skin on your face, and this scalp treatment was made with this consideration in mind. Featuring a skin care–grade peptide blend to revitalize both scalp and strands, plus hyaluronic acid for a moisture barrier boost, this serum can elevate your hair care routine and help promote a scalp environment ideal for hair growth.

What shoppers say: “I bought this for my husband to help with his itchy scalp. He uses it every few days and it relieves the itching.” —Dermstore reviewer

Hair Growth Treatments


8. évolis Professional Reverse Activator

Specifically formulated for aging hair, this scalp serum is loaded with antioxidants, keratin and wheat protein that strengthen and protect strands. And, the addition of salicylic acid targets dryness and irritation while naturally exfoliating the scalp.

What shoppers say: “I just finished my first bottle of Reverse Activator. It did not discolor my hair like other products. I have less hair loss and more hair in my target area (top back part of my head). I will continue to use this product—it really works.” —Dermstore reviewer

9. Oribe Serene Scalp Thickening Treatment Spray

Hair growth products that work right away are, unfortunately, not a thing. However, this product does provide the best of both worlds as its formula features powerful ingredients—such as its blend of biomimetic peptide and red clover extract to promote thicker hair—that not only work their magic behind the scenes to improve scalp conditions and promote growth, but also help give the hair an instant boost of volume for styling purposes.

What shoppers say: “I've been using this for several months and I definitely see a difference in my thinner spots. It also feels great (nice and cooling) when spraying on the scalp!” —Rebecca, Dermstore reviewer

10.Philip Kingsley TRICHO 7 STEP 2 Volumizing Hair and Scalp Treatment

With green tea extract and azelaic acid, this hair and scalp elixir has its eye on the hair growth prize. Known for its high antioxidant count, green tea can boost the scalp, working to ward off environmental damage caused by free radicals and pollution to create a healthier scalp environment. That, combined with azelaic acid’s ability to inhibit hair thinning by protecting against 5a reductase (a hormone that can contribute to hair thinning), and stimulating methyl nicotinate makes this a powerhouse product.

What shoppers say: “Really like [it] so far. I am about half way through a bottle. I think it has helped my hair thicken a bit. I have ordered a second bottle. I have heard you need to give it 3 months!” —Dermstore reviewer

11. miriam quevedo Hair Multiplying Scalp Concentrate + Pre-Treatment Exfoliator

Give your scalp some serious R&R with this two-step treatment (a Dermstore exclusive). Enhanced by hair growth factors and rose stem cells, this concentrate-and-exfoliator duo works to target hair growth regulators to stimulate growth, improve regeneration, combat environmental aggressors and boost stem cell vitality. These two products also pack a punch with gluconolactona, which gently exfoliates to lift away debris, and Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate for an added layer of protection against environmental stressors.

What shoppers say: “I'm already on my second bottle of this. I have thin, and thinning, hair especially near my hair line [from] years of tight styles, and I can already see my hair line thickening from using this. Also huge bonus, this product smells amazing—I'd wear it as a perfume.” —Z, Dermstore reviewer

Growth Supplements & Devices


12. HairMax LaserBand 82

Think at-home lasers are just for your complexion? Think again. The HairMax LaserBand 82 is an at-home hair-stimulating laser device for all hair types. Thanks to its therapeutic light energy, the follicles are stimulated through 82 medical-grade lasers to promote a fuller head of hair.

What shoppers say: “Every time I shampoo and condition, 3x a week, I use this before I proceed with anything else. 90 seconds over 3 different areas of your head is all it takes. I have new growth! The biggest and best thing I've noticed is I always had gobs of hair come out while conditioning, combing the conditioner through my hair. Now? I hardly have any! It's amazing!” —Theresa, Dermstore reviewer

13. Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplements

Biotin isn’t the only vitamin that can help improve the look of your hair. In fact, a combination of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, biotin and iron found in Viviscal’s Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplements can help get the job done. These hair growth supplements boost the look of strands while providing it with key nutrients to stimulate hair growth.

What shoppers say: “Made my hair thicker, longer, fuller, healthy looking, and reduced the amount of fallout drastically.” —Dermstore reviewer

14. Elon R3 Extra Strength for Thinning Hair

No matter what you use, you won’t see hair growth overnight. But, Elon’s R3 Extra Strength for Thinning Hair can help get you there over time and with regular use. Formulated with a blend of rich proteins, vitamins and minerals to nourish your scalp and strands, this daily supplement is a must-try for those experiencing hair loss.

What shoppers say: “This works for thinning hair. Tops and sides of head are fuller. I will buy again.” —Jennifer, Dermstore reviewer

Hair Densifying Products & Fillers


15. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Scalp Treatment

As far as hair growth is concerned, more is more—which is where a densifying treatment such as the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Scalp Treatment comes in. Featuring caviar, Amla Indian gooseberry and red clover, this elixir can boost volume, improve nourishment and create the ideal environment for regrowth.

16. Toppik Hair Building Fibers 75 Day

Cover up signs of thinning and hair loss with Toppik's Hair Building Fibers. This hair thickener comes in a variety of natural hair colors and is formulated with colored keratin fibers that blend in seamlessly with your natural hair so you can conceal bald spots and achieve thicker-looking hair.

What shoppers say: “I am in my 30s and have had increasingly thinning hair for the last 10 years. With a few sprays, this powder can easily add density to your hair almost instantly. It won't reshape your hairline with a natural look, but will definitely fill it in nicely. Very discreet. I recommend buying the spray applicator for proper application.” —Dermstore reviewer

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Writer and expert
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