Acne + acne scars: HELP!

Question: Hello! I have struggled with my skin since my 20s. As a teen, I didn’t have acne issues as others my age did. After 20, my acne has gotten worse. It isn’t terrible, but my breakouts are frustrating. I got into the habit of popping any pimples/blackheads which have left small scars on my cheeks. When I breakout, it’s typically in my cheeks and my chin. I currently use Neutrogena face wash with the microbeads, which I know aren’t good for you, but I feel like if I’m not scrubbing my face, then it isn’t getting as clean and won’t feel as soft. I use Laneige toner and moisturizer along with Olehenriksen vitamin D serum. I put the on-the-spot acne treatment by Neutrogena when I have acne flare ups. I feel like I take good care of my skin, but I’m not seeing the results I want. I get married in May of next year and I’m trying to find what would be best to calm down my (minimal-ish) acne and help my acne scars. I’m at a loss. Carsyn O’brien (carsynlovee) highly recommends your products and said you have helped her skin immensely. What do you recommend I do?

Thank you for reaching out to us, I would recommend the brand Eminence Their Clear Skin Starter Set would be a great way to get introduced to the brand to this kit I would add a couple of products , their Birch Water Essence to apply after you have cleansed . I would interchange their Citrus & Kale C+E Serum with the Willow Bark Booster-Serum that is in your kit . All of these products are designed to help with your skin concerns. I hope this helps, have a nice day! Cyndee, Dermstore Esthetician