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7 Reasons Dermstore Shoppers Love ReFa S Carat

ReFa Carat and ReFa S Carat Review

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been seeing a steady increase in demand for facial skin care devices—and for good reason! Designed to treat a multitude of beauty and hair concerns, these handheld gizmos promise to prolong—some even mimic—the results of in-office cosmetic procedures, as well as enhance the efficacy of your anti-aging creams and serums. One of the top skin care devices that continues to get media buzz is ReFa S Carat, the iconic platinum facial roller beauty editors and beauty influencers are obsessed with.

“Not only does this relax me but it gives me an immediate healthy flush from the facial massage,” says Bag Snob co-founder and style icon Tina Craig. “It gets the circulation going on my face and has definitely toned my face.”

What Does ReFa S Carat Do?

With a unique, 360-degree, multi-angle design, this device is meant to replicate the gentle pinching and kneading sensation that your esthetician does as part of your in-office treatment. These actions, along with very mild microcurrent that is generated by drawing light into a solar panel fixed in the handle, stimulate your skin and facial muscles, boosting circulation, enhancing firmness and improving skin tone.

Slightly smaller than the original ReFa Carat (also a Dermstore favorite!), ReFa S is not only more portable but also fashioned to fit the subtle undulations of your facial contours: around the eyes, nose and lips. Th­­e surface of this roller is coated in brilliant platinum, which, according to the brand, makes it compatible with even the most delicate skin. And because it’s solar-powered, it never requires plugging in or battery replacement.


But don’t just take our word for it. Here are the many reasons Dermstore shoppers love ReFa S Carat.

1. Lifts and firms sagging skin

Gravity may not be our skin’s friend, but just like a good workout, using this roller can help improve the appearance of sagging, jiggly skin.

“After using ReFa for five days, I started to notice a difference, specifically my skin felt firmer, my brow was feeling lifted and my neck wasn’t quite so jiggly. I was pleasantly surprised. After two weeks, I took an ‘after’ picture and I could really see a positive effect on my brow, face (clown lines) and neck,” says one Dermstore reviewer. “You definitely need to use it consistently (daily) for about five minutes on your face/neck to get the benefit. I can feel a difference if I go more than 24 to 48 hours without using it. I’m still amazed that this little thing works.”

2. Relaxes tense muscles

Just imagine how a massage feels after an intense workout. Now imagine that same massage on your face after a day of smiling, smooching, frowning, raising your eyebrows and drinking from a straw. That is what ReFa S Carat is all about.

“I’ve been using this face device for several months and I am loving it,” says one Dermstore shopper. “It provides a very pleasant massage that is both revitalizing and relaxing. It is toning the skin, as well as activating the blood and lymph circulations, which provides health benefits. It is also great to not need to use any toxic lotion and to not have to deal with a power cord. I really enjoy my ReFa treatment [and use it] every other day!”

3. Increases circulation, leaving a nice healthy glow

Aside from the gentle massaging action, shoppers also appreciate the rosy glow it leaves from boosting your skin’s circulation. One shopper explains: “I really enjoy the cooling, massaging motion. It makes my skin nice and flushed due to the increased circulation. I’ll keep it up as it’s a nice part of my morning and/or nightly ritual.”

4. Aids the lymphatic system

When you increase blood flow, you’re also increasing the flow of antioxidants, oxygen and stimulation for epidermal cell turnover, not to mention, helping the lymphatic system get rid of toxins, allergens and other bad stuff from your body. Gabrielle Francis, naturopathic doctor and author of The Rockstar Remedy, explains: “The lymphatic system is a channel of vessels that carry white blood cells and lymph fluid which defends against toxins and infections.”

One Dermstore shopper appreciates this benefit: “I have recently been placed on a medication which caused me to retain an excessive amount of water in my face. I took a chance on this device to use for lymphatic drainage and was AMAZED at how quickly this roller remedied my issue. I use twice daily.”

5. Helps diminish puffiness for a more contoured look

Another benefit you get from helping your lymphatic system? Getting rid of puffiness. “I really love using this,” says another Dermstore shopper. “On mornings where I feel my face is a little puffy, I just use this to lift and tighten my skin/jawline. It has a temporary effect. In the evenings, it works as a great tool for a nice facial massage (and is a great way to massage all the skin care products into your face). It looks so luxurious as well. I love using it and will continue to use it. This one is particularly good for the jawline, smile line, eyes and forehead!”

6. Helps improve the appearance of eye bags

ReFa S Carat’s shape makes it great to use around the eyes, a royal treat for those who struggle with under-eye puffiness. “I enjoy using this in the mornings and evenings as a new addition to my skin care routine,” says one Dermstore reviewer. “The roller is a lovely massage and I do notice a decrease in eye bags after using it. A bit pricey, but would still recommend if it’s within your budget.”

7. It’s worth the investment

With all these benefits, most users of the device say it’s worth the investment. And because it requires zero maintenance or any part replacement, this device could last for a long time. “While there are scads of beauty tools for the face, I have not been able to find one that is small enough to fit smaller contours around the eyes, nose and mouth, so I think this lives up to its billing in that regard,” says one Dermstore shopper. “Its effects are subtle but real in smoothing out the complexion, reducing morning puffiness and making the skin look more supple. The tingling sensation is so faint so as not to cause any discomfort, but leaves the skin feeling warm. Well-designed without the use of those pesky battery charges. Just wipe whether used on clean skin or with serums. Better investment than yet another jar of expensive ‘miracle cream’!”

Managing Editor, Dermstore Blog

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