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Retexturing Activator: The Multitasking Hydrating Serum

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Retexturing Activator has a dedicated following of skin care lovers and professionals alike- if you know, you know. This revolutionary resurfacing serum harnesses the power of two polar mechanisms -exfoliation and hydration- to transform the skin’s complexion. The formula features a synergistic blend of unique ingredients that work for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The folks at SkinCeuticals don't gate keep, so read on to learn about how this multi-tasking serum works, the key benefits it provides, and how to seamlessly integrate it into your daily routine for smoother, more radiant skin, in one easy step.

What does it do?

Exfoliation and hydration are two key benefits that are hard to find listed side by side in a product’s description- until now that is. Retexturing Activator is truly unlike any other formula on the market today, due in part to its unique blend of ingredients that simultaneously encourage natural skin cell turnover while offering instant hydration. There are many options available to exfoliate the skin, and most come with their respective downfalls, like sensitizing the skin when used to frequently. Retexturing Activator redefines exfoliation by prioritizing hydration and skin barrier health to increase the look of overall radiance without irritation. Overall, Retexturing Activator helps to diminish surface fine lines and wrinkles while promoting a softer, smoother, complexion.

How does it work? Here’s the ingredient breakdown:
  • 25% Hydroxyethyl Urea/Aminosulfonic Acid Compound: This ingredient complex is designed to stimulate enzymes that help break the bonds binding dead cells to the skin’s surface, to evenly exfoliate skin while maintaining the moisture levels. In a nutshell, it activates skin’s natural desquamation, or removal of dead skin cells, and visibly diminishes surface lines without drying out the skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Capable of helping skin retain water, hyaluronic acid is a humectant that replenishes hydration while instantly smoothing skin. This ensures proper moisture balance so that the skin remains supple and plump and especially important when fresh skin cells are brought to the surface from exfoliation.
  • Kombucha: It’s not just for drinking, kombucha is a natural byproduct of the black tea fermentation process and when applied topically it works to promote smooth, soft, radiant skin.
How and when to use in a routine

Unlike most exfoliants Retexturing Activator can be used daily, in fact you want to apply it twice daily for best results- once in the morning and once in the evening. It is super lightweight and absorbs instantly without leaving a residue behind. This formula is suitable for all skin types, especially great for sensitive skin or those reactive to retinol or stronger acids like glycolic.


Alternate your heavy hitters like Retinol 0.3 or Glycolic 10 Renewal Overnight to help support the skin barrier, replenish hydration, and optimize even exfoliation for enhanced results. Retexturing Activator is also a great option to use during the hot summer months if you want to give your other exfoliants a rest without compromising on results, in fact, in clinicals this oil-free serum was shown to have the resurfacing power of a daily 20% glycolic acid treatment. Get your glow on!

Writer and expert
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