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Seeing the Future Through the Lens of the Past: Introducing Symbiome

We’ve been faced with a lot of conflicting skin care advice throughout the years. We’ve had cosmetic ingredients shine in the spotlight, only to find their effectiveness fall short and their holy grail status fleeting. Products are quickly classified as universally “good” or “bad,” deemed essential — but only for certain skin types — and sold, allegedly, as magic elixirs for infinite youth.

Just a few short years ago, the most widely accepted advice promoted squeaky-clean skin by way of harsh, stripping cleansers and astringent toners and oil-free everything (that is, if you used any moisturizer at all). It was commonly believed that bacteria = bad, and healthy skin was achieved solely by cleansing it entirely of any and all bacteria. Thanks to extensive research, what experts have learned about microbiome science has debunked and turned this advice on its head. We now know that good bacteria (a key component for a balanced skin microbiome) is essential, not only for skin health, but for our overall health, as well.

Symbiome, the latest brand on Dermstore’s virtual shelves, represents the unity and connection between skin health, a thriving microbiome, and an intricate relationship with nature. Their scientists are pioneers in the world of the skin microbiome, and their profoundly-impactful research reveals that our modern lifestyles (existing in concrete jungles and man-made environments) has led to a near 80% loss of skin’s bacterial diversity, reducing 25% of its metabolic function. This means our skin is less resilient to environmental stressors and more vulnerable to accelerated signs of aging. Simply put, their critical research of the past helped successfully identify what our skin is missing today, and their uniquely potent products are designed to help replenish this loss.

With a collective 80+ years of experience in microbiome science, Symbiome’s formulas aim to restore the broken connection to our past environment. Their powerful cleansers, serums, moisturizers and oils help nourish skin with the unique, bioactive compounds it functionally needs to achieve natural balance. Created with fermented, sustainably sourced Amazonian botanicals, Symbiome harnesses the power of microbes to replace the essential vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids that can once again enable healthy skin, for all.

  1. Symbiome The Renewal Cleanser (100ml)
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    Symbiome The Renewal Cleanser (100ml)

    Their hybrid gel-to-milk daily cleanser gently removes make-up and impurities as it helps support the skin barrier, leaving skin hydrated, soothed, and refreshed.

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  2. Symbiome The Answer Serum (30ml)
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    Symbiome The Answer Serum (30ml)

    Featuring regenerative peptides, exosomes and a unique blend of natural compounds, this powerful age-defying serum supports collagen production, skin elasticity, and cell regeneration — ultimately helping to restore skin tone and texture, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhancing moisture retention.

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  3. Symbiome The Luminary Eye Cream (15ml)
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    Symbiome The Luminary Eye Cream (15ml)

    Ultra-hydrating, this BioIntact™ eye cream has a unique, sebum-like formula that creates a protective coating on the skin to help restore hydration and support a healthy skin barrier. Featuring an anti-aging blend of antioxidants and plant-derived compounds and extracts, it helps protect against premature aging and oxidative damage, supports collagen production and cell regeneration, and soothes and calms reactive skin. Caffeine and vitamin K from Sanoma flower oil work to help de-puff, brighten, and minimize the appearance of dark circles.

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  4. Symbiome The One Cream (50ml)
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    Symbiome The One Cream (50ml)

    Their BioIntact™ formula promotes restored hydration and a healthy skin barrier while helping to protect against premature aging and oxidative damage caused by environmental pollutants or stressors. Formulated to promote radiance, it visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps soothe and calm reactive skin, thanks to an anti-aging blend of plant-derived compounds, terpenes, phytosterols and tocopherols.

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  5. Symbiome Recharge002 Postbiomic Oil (30ml)
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    Symbiome Recharge002 Postbiomic Oil (30ml)

    Packed with antioxidants and retinoids, this hydrating and anti-aging Postbiomic™ oil blend supports collagen production and cellular turnover to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Its radiance-making formulation also helps regulate sebum production, restore hydration and support a healthy skin barrier.

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